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Our Greenville Power Washing team can clean everything from walls to roofs to sidewalks. Once our team arrives, you can have peace of mind from knowing that we will deliver the highest quality pressure washing service. Pressure washing is extremely beneficial when you can’t get rid of tough dirt or stains with just a hose. For hard and durable surfaces, we use high pressure, while for the more sensitive ones that can be damaged under high pressure, such as the roof and siding, we will use a special method called soft washing. Our technicians are trained to provide maximum results in the shortest time! Get the exterior of your home looking beautiful and pristine again with our professional power washing!

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Concrete is a porous material. Our concrete cleaning service begins with spraying the surfaces with a foam-like bio-degradable detergent. Once we cover the entire surface, we let it sit for a couple of minutes in order to break down all dirt and grease. In the end, we professionally clean the concrete surface with high-pressure equipment and top-grade degreaser. After that, your concrete will look like new!

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Outdoor paver areas are a beautiful and popular choice amongst many homeowners. But unfortunately, weather conditions certainly affect this area of your home. Not just weather, but constant foot traffic too. By neglecting to clean your pavers, they start to become dingy and decrease the aesthetic appeal of your home. With our pressure cleaning service, not only will we completely clean your pavers, but also extend the lifespan of your pavers which boosts your home’s value instantly!

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From your patio to the pool area, driveways, and pathways, our technicians provide a high-quality and cost-efficient pressure washing service to restore your property’s shine regardless of its size. We use high-end pressure washing equipment that gives outstanding results. Quality chemicals, hot water, and experience are the perfect combination to get rid of grime, oil, dirt, and algae build-up from your bricks.

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The outdoor surfaces around your home are constantly exposed to different elements. Over time, grime and dust will inevitably find their way to settle down on those surfaces. If they are not cleaned in time, it can lead to the deterioration of these surfaces. Pressure Washing in Greenville SC removes algae, dirt, and washes away all grime which will prolong the life of your home’s exterior surfaces. Algae, mold, rust, and oil stains can damage concrete, pavers, wood, and siding over time. Pressure washing performed by professionals keeps these outdoor surfaces in tip-top shape. Increase your home curb appeal and market value with our professional pressure washing service in only one detailed visit!

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Our Greenville Power Washing team believes that the best possible results come from attention to detail and the use of only the best products. Unlike so many of those splash and dash companies, we are truly dedicated to our work! Our team is composed of specially trained and selected pressure washing specialists who have vast experience behind them. Following the highest industry standards, we are confident that we will exceed all your expectations. We use the combination of the best and safest cleaners available that are one hundred percent safe for your family, pets, and landscaping. If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to call us.

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Pressure Washing Greenville SC

Fantastic pressure washing work, probably the best house and driveway wash I’ve ever seen. Great price, such a nice guy too, Thanks John, you will be recommending to many.....

Joe McCavitt

Pressure Washing In Greenville SC

Tip top wash did an amazing pressure washing job at Take Heart Church. Very professional and got our concrete entrance looking brand new! Also pressure washed and cleaned the side of our building. Highly recommend!..

Joshua Trammell

Pressure Washing Greenville

John immediately responded to my request for a pressure washing quote to clean my drive and walkway. He was able to do the job within two days and I could not be more pleased. I definitely recommend Tip Top Wash!

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